taylor13handlondon.jpgMr. Paparazzi

Taylor Swift shopped in Notting Hill today ahead of her Birmingham show for her Speak Now World Tour, with her lucky number 13 painted on her hand.

Taylor has made no secret of her love for the very unlucky number. It's not only the date of her birth (December 13th, 1989) but it's also the number of tracks on her hit album Fearless. She not only draws it on her hand for her shows, but you can also see it in her scene in Valentine's Day, opposite Taylor Lautner ... who wears a jersey with the number 13 on it.

Last night, Taylor went out on King's Road with friends after appearing on BBC's The One Show, where they played footage of an 11-year-old Taylor singing the national anthem. "Oh my God, I was terrified," says Swift, remembering. "I'm from Pennsylvania, so I think I was really nervous because I knew all my classmates were watching. I was obviously so terrified but it's funny to look back and think that is actually 10 years ago now. Wow!"

Taylor is just one of several performers currently touring Europe, with Justin Bieber taking his My World Tour to the continent, as well as Katy Perry's California Dreams tour which just kicked off in London.