Tra di Noi Malibu Tori Spelling Liam and Stella Dean McDermott Pregnant

Tori Spelling and hubby Dean McDermott took Stella, 2; Liam, 4; and Dean's son Jack, 12 on a shopping trip in Malibu. They'll be adding another member to the bunch later this year, when Spelling is due with the couple's third child together.

Spelling has said she wants even more than three and that she and Dean will probably expand their brood to at least four.

Tori told People magazine: "It’s funny… We always knew we wanted a big family and we always said we wanted three. But since we got pregnant this time, four keeps popping into my head, and Dean says the same thing."

Dean added, "When I found out about number three, I thought that would be definitive that this would be the last one, but we really want to have a fourth. It’s really funny. It just clicked. We want more!"

Between writing books, producing and staring in reality shows and shuttling between New York and LA to promote everything, this mom will certainly have her hands full!