51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison -- best known for Lost and The Green Mile -- made headlines when he married 16-year-old aspiring singer Courtney Stodden last month.

Now, the two have given their first interview to Good Morning America in an attempt to clear up the bad buzz.

They bonded through a four-month courtship online, Hutchison says --and that at first he didn't realize Courtney was just 16. Honestly, based on how she looks, we didn't either (though Courtney insisted in the interview that she hasn't had plastic surgery.) Doug says:

    "It [the Internet] was a very beautiful, unique way to get to know someone because we didn't have the distraction of the physicality."

CourtneyDougWedding230.jpgThe actor says Courtney's mom monitored his interaction with her daughter, and since there was no sexual talk or contact, their relationship was legal. For her part of the sit-down, Courtney says she is Christian.

    "I was a virgin when I married him. I knew that if I kept that I would really be blessed with a beautiful gift, and God did. He blessed me with my soulmate. ... "I'm very mature for my age. I'm an old soul."

When asked if she married Doug in hopes of helping her singing career, the teenager says, "If it does that's just another beautiful blessing God hands to me."

But perhaps Courtney's most important contribution to the chat was the way she looked lovingly at her husband. And by "lovingly," we mean "borderline psychotically." Check it out at the 04:50 mark.

While Courtney's parents OK with the marriage, how have Doug's family and friends reacted? Find out after the jump -- along with more pics of Courtney from her website.