gleefilmset042911_19_out.jpgChord Overstreet's a top trending topic on Twitter today and it's no wonder why ... the actor's contract for the hit show Glee was not renewed for a second season by the show's creator Ryan Murphy, according to TV Line.

Overstreet played an integral role on the high school musical show, featured as a possibly gay student who ended up offering a promise ring to Diana Agron's character Quinn.

The actor recently told Ryan Seacrest his role as Evans was supposed to be that of a boyfriend for Chris Colfer's character Kurt Hummel, but because of his real-life chemistry with Agron, the writers changed his character's sexual orientation.

In fact, it was Darren Criss, whose character Blaine became Kurt's boyfriend and Criss was upgraded to a series regular on Friday. Harry Shum, Jr., who plays Mike, was also bumped up to a contractual regular.

Those aren't the only changes afoot ... Glee will add a new castmember this season, based on the winner of the summer reality series, The Glee Project. Several members of the cast will also graduation at the end of the season, including Lea Michele and Cory Monteith