Her name may not be as recognizable as the Hilton sisters or Ivanka Trump, but that's all about to change for heiress Petra Ecclestone.

The daughter of Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone, Petra has lived an under-the-radar but extremely well-off life ... until now. The wealthy, blonde 22-year-old Brit just purchased Candy Spelling's Los Angeles mansion for a reported $85 million ... in cash.

And she already owns a $90 million home in London.

Not too shabby! But why does an engaged twentysomething need two multi-million dollar homes? The one-time model and aspiring handbag designer told Good Morning America:

    "Firstly, it was a great investment and I got a really good deal, and it's kind of prime real estate. I'm planning to move to L.A. I wanted to have an amazing home where hopefully in the future I'll be raising a family. My family from London will be coming to visit so I'll need loads of space. But it really was a great investment."

Before you start counting the ways you hate her, Petra does donate to charity and claims to work regular 9-5 hours despite being born wealthy. In fact, while she admits that she does have a lavish lifestyle, Petra says she's still grounded. The heiress stated:

    "I'm not spoiled, I'm privileged, and I think there's a huge difference in that."

Just keep repeating: she donates to charity.

So what did Petra get for $85 million? Find out ... after the jump.