After grabbing dinner at Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood with his pregant wife, Nicolas Cage's son Weston put on an impromptu martial arts demonstration outside the eatery. Pretty flexible.

Just two weeks ago, Cage and his wife Nikki Williams were arrested for domestic violence after a bloody showdown inside their LA home. Williams has admitted she was drunk during that incident.

Cage has recently been posting numerous apologies to his wife on Facebook. One of the messages reads:

    "I would do time in her honor even though i tried to save her life from her rage. I love you all and i love you Nikki. I wont stop for my soulpartner. I will even move to South Africa and gladly die fighting for her safety. I will take bullets if my death means her life. She cant lose me but she can lose my heart. Perhaps a heartless man who silently stands at 6’5” with boots on and walks around at 225 pounds is what she Needs. I will drop my career and be her bodygaurd and melt my ring into a bullet for the enemy."

Profound. Weston's mom Christina Fulton also joined the couple for dinner. See Christina and Nikki, who is expecting ... after the jump.