PNHiltonStTropez080511_02_X17230WM.jpgParis and Nicky Hilton know how to make money ... and we mean LOTS of it! The gorgeous heiresses were paid $1 million for one hour of work. Not a bad gig!

A source close to the Hiltons tells X17online exclusively:

    "Paris and Nicky were flown to Cannes for a sweet 16 party for a Middle Eastern princess. They were paid a hefty price tag of $1 million bucks to show up for one hour. The teenage birthday girl was ecstatic to have Paris there."

We have a feeling there are many more pairs of pricey Christian Louboutins in Paris' future!

Now we know why the sisters are having a blast in Saint-Tropez. They scored some major spending money. Cha-ching!