Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore spent the morning together at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles.

An X17 photographer on the scene tells us:

    "Demi and Ashton were really dressed up for today's service. While Ashton pulled up in their black Lexus, Demi exited out of a side door of the Kabbalah Centre and quickly jumped in the car. She clearly did not want to be photographed."

Demi recently returned from promoting her Lifetime movie "Five" in New York to spend time in Los Angeles with her husband Ashton Kutcher ... amid allegations the Two and A Half Men star had an affair with 23-year-old blonde Sara Leal.

Our photographer adds:

    "Ashton really looked worried. He wasn't really in a good mood -- his M.O. was definitely to get into the Centre and get out without being seen."

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