Faheem Muhammad has taken the stand in Murray's trial. He was chief of Michael Jackson's security for about 10 months prior to Jackson's death. Muhammad recalls that after Jackson's body was found in the room, his daughter Paris was "on the ground, balled up crying." He added that MJ's son Prince "was shocked and slowly crying."

Earlier, Michal Jackson's former personal assistant, Michael Amir Williams, testified that when Michael Jackson died, Dr. Conrad Murray never told him to call 911, and after Jackson was pronounced dead, Murray told Williams he needed to go to Jackson's home to remove a "cream."

After these revelations, Muhammad went on to say that he heard Murray ask if anyone knew CPR, and bodyguard Alberto Alvarez went over to help the physician. After Jackson was pronounced dead, Williams told Muhammad of Murray's request to retrieve the cream, but they both decided not to let the doctor back in Jackson's home.