Michael Jackson's assistant, Michael Amir Williams, took the stand on Day Two, and described the night Michael Jackson died.

  • Williams said he left Jackson's home and went to his own home, then Murray called him from Jackson's house, leaving a voicemail that said, "Call me right away."

  • Williams says he called Murray, who said he needed to come back to the house, but at no point said to call 911. "He said Mr. Jackson had a bad reaction," Williams said. Williams said that, to him, Murray was not describing the situation as an emergency.

  • When Williams got to the house, he saw Jackson’s body being carried down the stairs on a gurney.

  • Williams says that, at the hospital, after Jackson was pronounced dead, Murray told him he wanted a ride back to Jackson's house: “He said there was some cream in Michael’s house that he [Michael] wouldn’t want the world to know about … he requested that I give him a ride to Michael’s house so he could get the cream.”

  • Williams decided he would not take Murray back the house or let him in the house. He told security to "lock down" the house. Williams did not tell police about this alleged incident until two months after Jackson's death.

The trial has broken for lunch and will resume at 1:30 p.m. PST.