Reese Witherspoon  Jim Toth sunglasses accident black eye jeans

It's no secret that Reese Witherspoon loves being a mom. But could the Oscar-winning actress be looking to expand her family with new hubby Jim Toth?

While out with her husband at church over the weekend, Reese sported what looks like a small baby bump. The 36-year-old is the mom to two kids from her previous marriage to actor Ryan Phillippe ... Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7. With her kids growing up fast, the timing couldn't be more perfect for a third!


The Water for Elephants actress is also still healing from her accident on September 7th in which she was stuck by a car while jogging. You can see the remnants of her black eye still showing near the edge of her sunglasses. Not even makeup can hide those purple marks.

The 84-year-old driver, who hit Reese, was travelling around 20mph at the time of the accident. Witherspoon has decided not to press charges.