TamaraEcclestone091211.jpgIf your little sister buys the most expensive home in America and then has an insanely extravagant wedding - complete with a Black Eyed Peas performance - you'd probably want to steal the spotlight back too. And that's just what Tamara Ecclestone is doing!

The eldest daugther of Formula 1 billionaire Bernie Ecclestone and Croatian model Slavica is now starring in her own reality show - and shopping for a home as over-the-top as Petra Eccelstone's recently acquired (and paid for in cash!) $85 million Spelling mansion.

Tamara Ecclestone: Billion Dollar Girl will premiere November 4 in the U.K., and she's been in talks with major Hollywood studios to promote it in the U.S.

She should have no problem with that! Not only does she have Hollywood practically salivating over her no-holds-barred lifestyle, she's spending over $1.5 million on Amazonian rock crystal to build a luxurious bathtub in her London home.

Tamara confirmed that the price tag is no rumor, telling the U.K.'s Daily Mail:

    "No, it’s completely true. They’ve gone to find this crystal which will be turned into my bathtub. It’s costing £1 million because I’ve got to reinforce the floor and I’ve had to pay for everyone’s travel and the hauling back and polishing of the crystal. But I spend a lot of time in the bath so it’s worth it."

Ironically, this is a girl who claims she was brought up grounded, saying her father raised Tamara and Petra to "appreciate money and not to take it for granted."

We would appreciate being able to buy a $1 million bathtub too. This is so a reality show we're watching if it comes to America - Tamara has Hollywood written all over her already!