Salahi091511.jpgMichaele Salahi wasn't kidnapped, but she did run away from her husband for the guitarist of Journey -- and that has left Tareq Salahi confused and upset.

His attorney, David Silek, spoke to ABC's Good Morning America on Thursday, saying:

    "Tareq is devastated but he is relieved to know that Michaele is safe. That was his first concern."

Mr. Salahi explained to GMA that he feared his wife was in danger after he received a phone call from her from a strange Oregon number Tuesday evening. He alerted authorities, fearing that the Real Housewives of D.C. star had been kidnapped.

Instead, he learned that Michaele had run off to be with Journey's Neal Schon in Memphis, where the band was performing Tuesday night. In an odd twist, just last week both Salahis attended a Journey concert, and Michaele even Tweeted the above picture of her backstage with Neal.

According to Silek, Mr. Salahi is still trying to wrap his head around the news. "He's so devastated there's not a goal other than trying to figure out what is going on at this time," the attorney explained. "If there's an opportunity for reconciliation, that's something they can and ought to explore."

Michaele and Neal reportedly dated in the past. She has been married to Tareq since 2003, while Schon has been married to his third wife Amber Kozan since 2001.

Photos: Twitter, Bravo