fall mishap collapse playboy
fall mishap collapse playboy
fall mishap collapse playboy

After spending two days at a Beverly Hills mansion for a Playboy magazine photo shoot, Lindsay Lohan was almost crushed under her garage door as she arrived home in Venice on Tuesday night.

Earlier in the evening, Lohan stopped by the Chateau Marmont for nearly five hours before making her exit around 7:30pm -- happily dancing the entire way home in the front seat of her chauffeur-driven car.

An X17 photographer who was on the scene tells us:

    "Lindsay was in such a good mood when she left the hotel. She's rarely laughing and singing like that in the car and she was talking to someone on her cell phone, really excited. When she got home and tried to run into the garage and got hit in the head, she didn't even stop her phone call. She kept talking like it was no big deal and she was flat on the ground!"

Let's hope it didn't leave a mark!

Thankfully our girl Linds was able to quickly pick herself up, and safely enter her home.

Just another chaotic day in the dramatic life of La Lohan!