no ring divorce no ring divorce

Ashton Kutcher drove around Hollywood yesterday and eventually stopped at an aerial viewpoint to admire the city, and the actor looked totally heartbroken when he stepped out of his Lexus. Not only was Ashton's wedding ring off, but he's also removed his Kabbalah bracelet ... is it possible he's given up on the religion now that Demi Moore has given up on him?

After Ashton allegedly cheated on Demi with 22-year-old Sara Leal, the couple sought private counseling through the Kabbalah Centre, and they even went on a camping retreat with instructor Yehuda Berg in an attempt to save their marriage. Demi has a much longer history with Kabbalah, so perhaps Ashton is trying to get rid of any reminders of Demi and finally move on with his life.

While the Two And A Half Men star looks lost and despondent in these photos, his tweets have been pretty cheerful as of late. The other day he wrote, "Need some #Christmas shopping ideas? May I suggest a yodelling pickle?" and he hasn't made any cryptic mentions of his failed marriage.