harryoconnor102711_07_X1723.jpgSinead O'Connor tied the knot only eighteen days ago to Barry Herridge, and already, the "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer has called it quits.

On her official website, O'Connor, 45, wrote:

    "[There was] a wild ride I took us on looking for a bit of a smoke of weed for my wedding night as I don't drink. My husband was enormously wounded and very badly affected by that experience and also by the attitude of those close to him toward our marriage. It became apparent to me that if he were to stay with me he would be losing too much to bear."

She went on to say that "within three hours the ceremony being over the marriage was kyboshed by the behavior of certain people in my husband's life."

O'Connor and Herridge, 38, tied the knot at Las Vegas' Little White Wedding Chapel. Sinead adds, "A woman wants to be a joy to her husband. So you love someone? Set them free."

Before marrying Herridge, the singer was married to journalist Nicholas Sommerlad, musician Steve Cooney and music producer John Reynolds.