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Lindsay Lohan is on the right track with her life, and she's telling the world all about it during a pre-taped Today Show appearance.

When asked if she's still drinking and doing drugs, Lindsay tells Matt Lauer that she's "clean and sober." She adds that she plans "to continue to move forward and in the right direction."

As for whether she's admitting to being in denial for a period of time regarding her substance abuse issues, the 25-year-old starlet adds:

    "Definitely. And I think it was -- it's a scary thing to have to kind of express to people ... I wasn't as comfortable with myself then. I think it was a fear factor that I had about what was really going on. And, you know, I had to get that wakeup call."

Does she still go out to the clubs? She tells Lauer, "That's not my thing anymore. I went out, actually, a few months ago with a friend. And I was so uncomfortable."

Lindsay is also ready to hit the stage this weekend to host Saturday Night Live. Watch the promo below:

The entire interview airs tomorrow on The Today Show.