Kelly Osbourne purple hair sunset marquis jacket west hollywood At least her locks aren't grey anymore!

Kelly Osbourne debuted lilac colored hair at the Sunset Marquis hotel on Wednesday, and the E! personality might want to consult with her Fashion Police co-stars before making beauty blunders like this! We love her cream colored top and fedora, but we want the British hottie to go back to blonde!

The 27-year-old can sport any wacky trend with confidence, though!

However, we have to wonder what's been going on in her personal life, since today she tweeted:

"why is it that as soon as you get truly happy your past comes back & tries to test you? (p.sim not talking about drugs)"

We wonder if her cheating ex-fiance Luke Worrall is begging for forgiveness? Don't give in, Kelly O, you don't need a loser trying to bring you down!