boyfriend scarf
boyfriend scarf
boyfriend scarf

Lindsay Lohan is ready for love again ... with photographer Gavin Doyle.

We spotted the two leaving the Chateau Marmont Wednesday afternoon, both with cigarettes in hand and Lindsay with her hair in a Liz Taylor-style head scarf.

Lindsay completed a photo shoot at Smashbox studios yesterday and then retreated to her favorite hotel for some down time with her new boyfriend.

The shutterbug, who shoots for Purple magazine, has been getting cozy with the sexy starlet over the past few months ... even featuring the 25-year-old Liz and Dick star in a few stunning spreads.


The pair have been spending lots of time together the past couple months including attending Coachella together and hitting the bars in New York, watching movies in Gavin's hotel room in LA and the occasional mini-road trip to Malibu.

A source tells X17online exclusively:

    "They've been doing everything they can to keep their relationship on the down-low. Lindsay wants to protect this relationship because she feels the media helped break up her and Samantha and she's really hoping this time things work out."

Gavin's been flying back and forth from his home in New York, to LA to be with Lindsay and our source tells us it's because of her new boyfriend that she spent so much time in NY earlier this month.

    "Lindsay finally seems happy again. She really needs a companion and Gavin's been great for her. They're really best friends and they work well together."

UPDATE - Lindsay's publicist tells us Gavin is NOT Lindsay's boyfriend, but her assistant: "Gavin Doyle is Lindsay's assistant; that is why they are constantly together. This story was hastily posted without any fact-checking whatsoever nor was I, Lindsay or Gavin given an opportunity to comment before it went up which was very disappointing."