Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis were never legally married, but the two were together for 14 years. Since the announcement of their split yesterday, one question looms ... how will Johnny's assets be divided?

Depp's net worth is roughly $350 million, with his annual salary reaching $100 million thanks to his films like Pirates of the Caribbean, which have contributed to a yearly box office gross of around $3.1 billion in America and $7.6 billion worldwide.

So just how does Johnny spend all that dough? Check out Depp's priciest assets:

  • $2 million - Plan-de-la-Tour villa in South France

  • $5 million - West Hollywood mansion

  • $5million - Somerset, England mansion

  • $3.7 million - private island in the Bahamas

  • $20 million - home near Saint Tropez

  • $33 million - 156-foot, steam-powered yacht named Vajoliroja

X17online reported, exclusively, Vanessa's recent house hunting mission in Beverly Hills and Malibu, further fueling speculation that some tangible division of assets will take place.

Then there are custody and child support issues coming into play, as well as potentially shared assets such as bank accounts and investments they may have.

According to Kelly Chang Rickert, an LA-based attorney who specializes in family law, California doesn't recognize common law unions so no marital law can be enforced and only a paternity case can be filed, leaving property to whomever made the initial purchase.

As for custody, a judge would likely decide on a 50/50 split, according the Rickert, depending on where the parents reside.

If international law comes into play, that can make for an entirely different case, with regards to custody and property rights. Or if the split is as "amicable" as the couple's reps would have us believe, they could settle it all without a judge and come up with their own solutions. Let's hope it stays friendly!