kholmes021512_01_230.jpg Now that Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, is it only a matter of time before she cuts ties to Scientology?

Although the Hollywood actress was a dedicated follower of the controversial religion at the beginning of her marriage to the Mission: Impossible star - frequenting the Celebrity Centre at least four times a week - her attendance dwindled as time went on.

Our photographers tell us in the last couple years, the 33-year-old has withdrawn from her husband's faith by cutting back on her once-frequent visits to twice a week and then even less.

In the months leading up to their split, Holmes was rarely spotted at the Centre in LA and we've never seen her visit a Scientology church in NYC, where she and Suri had been spending more and more time as of late.

Cruise is an outspoken supporter of the religion, but rumors swirled that Catholic-raised Katie's parents were weary of her ties to the church. Not only that, but Tom was adamant their daughter Suri be enrolled in Scientology elementary school and it was beginning to raise concerns.

Coincidentally, the 6-year-old has not been spotted at the Scientology school for at least six months. Speculation is rampant that Holmes and Cruise had been fighting nonstop about parenting styles and disagreeing about the way to raise their daughter - as a Scientologist or not.

The religion is said to have been a major point of contention in their relationship, and one of the biggest factors that led to their separation.