pattinsons230.jpg Robert Pattinson packed his bags and hit the road!

Now that girlfriend Kristen Stewart's affair has been confirmed by the actress herself in a public apology, the scorned Twilight actor is taking the first step of dissolving his relationship, moving out of the Hollywood home he shared with his love of three years.

"I'm not sure they'll be able to recover from this. [Pattinson] is heartbroken and angry," a source tells People.

It's still unclear where the Water for Elephants star will be staying while he looks for another residence, but one thing's for sure - a reconciliation doesn't look promising!

The Snow White and the Huntsman starlet is reportedly confident her British beau will forgive and take her back, but the two have apparently not spoken since the news broke, and now that he's decided to move out, we're pretty sure Miss Stewart is in for some heartbreak of her own!

You deserve better R-Patz!