Brad and Angelina are set to tie this knot ... THIS SATURDAY according to French reports.

The actors will wed at their French chateau, Miraval, on August 11, according to France 3 Cote d'Azur.

Meanwhile, the local newspaper for the region near Correns, Var Martin, says the pair will NOT be saying "I do" this weekend, but they teased readers today by saying: "The marriage will not take place on the 11th, but we'll have more information tomorrow in Var Matin!" What a cliffhanger!

X17online has a source that tells us:

    "The wedding is definitely going to be soon. My brother is on the construction crew that's been remodeling Miraval and he says the renovations are definitely for the upcoming wedding and that everything is almost finished." Mind you -- our source told us this two weeks ago ... so could Saturday be the big day?!

[Check out pix of the renovation HERE.]

Our source went on to tell us:

    "Everyone in town is talking about it; in Correns [the small village near Miraval], it's common knowledge that the wedding is happening soon."