reid-mess-2-460.jpgtara-mess-460.jpgSpread Pictures

Over the weekend Tara Reid and a female friend fell to the ground in St. Tropez after they stumbled into a parked motorcycle. Thankfully it looks like the only injuries the 36-year-old actress sustained were a few bruises on her bottom ... and her ego.

The American Reunion star laid on her back for a few moments after the fall, and her pal was stretched out across the top of the bike, which also fell to the ground. The ladies struggled to get up, but they eventually made their way to a nearby yacht and finished off the rest of their night in style.

This morning Tara tweeted that photographers were responsible for her tumble, writing that "they always againt me," adding, "[T]hey pushed us down that's why we fell why don't u see how we fell? Its a set up! Look how it is edited they only should u after they knocked us down in front of our own boat its so wrong and I will defend us this time100% .... That's why I was covering my face I knew I was getting set up so unfair its totally not right and I finally have had it stop picking on me!"

Our partner agency in France, Spread Pictures, who shot the photos, said in a statement, "We weren’t close enough to touch her, unfortunately. We were careful to stand back because Tara on a moped sounded like a bad idea even before she and her friend fell!"