You may remember, back in the day, X17 and Britney's camp were pretty tight ... so tight, in fact, that some of our photographers were even invited into Spears' house and were enlisted to give the pop star rides to Rite-Aid and make midnight runs to the grocery store to pick up Red Bull ...

So imagine being so close to the pop star and what these X17 photographers must have witnessed ... well it's all about to come out in court!

X17 photographer Filipe, has been called by Sam Lutfi's attorneys, to testify in the upcoming breach of contract/defamation case that Brit's former friend-manager has mounted against Britney's conservators (her dad Jamie, fiance Jason Trawick and their two attorneys). The trial is set to begin on Friday and it remains to be seen whether the most interesting witness will take the stand ... Britney Spears herself.

Sam argues, in his Feb 2009 filing, that Britney's conservators violated the terms of his verbal agreement with Spears for him to act as her manager and that he's due a cut of her $15 million X Factor contract. He also claims Britney's mom Lynn libeled and defamed him in her book Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World.

Lutfi and his attorneys argue that if Brit's able to hold down a job as a judge on X Factor, she's fit to take the stand and tell her side of the story regarding claims Lynn makes in her book, that Lutfi disabled Britney's car batteries, and fed her drugs, all to keep her under his control.

Seeing and hearing Britney's testimony would be AMAZING, but even photographer Filipe's story ain't too shabby. He witnessed fights between Britney's parents and Sam; he witnessed Sam and Britney's personal interactions; and he got the inside scoop on went went on at Casa Spears during 2007 and 2008, leading up to Jamie seeking and winning conservatorship over his daughter. Stay tuned; this promises to be interesting ...