Calabasas  Britney Spears tight tee shirt sunglasses shopping Sam Lutfi trial Conservatorship bodyguard

And she looks good, y'all!

Britney Spears went shopping with her bodyguard in Calabasas on Tuesday afternoon, and despite the fact that her former manager Sam Lutfi was taking the stand in a defamation lawsuit against her family, she was in great spirits.

Opening statements for Lufti's breach of contract/defamation suit against Spears and her conservators began last week, and not only is he seeking 15% of Britney's income from 2007-2008, but he's also suing Jamie for an alleged assault and Lynne for libeling him in her book, Through The Storm.

Lutfi tried to have Britney deposed last year, but the judge wouldn't allow it because she was (and still is) under conservatorship. It is still not known whether Brit will take the stand...