brookeburke230121212.jpgThis is such good news!

Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Mueller is cancer free after undergoing a thyroidectomy.

"I just got the results back from all my tests and great news - the thyroid cancer has been removed from my body and all my lymph nodes are clear. So I'm hoping that this is the end of the story. Woohoo!!! And thank GOD!" she wrote on her blog.

After undergoing the procedure on Dec. 6, the mother-of-four has found unexpected joy in her recovery.

"It's so out of the ordinary for me - to not be working or rushing from place to place driving the kids around. But I have to admit I could kinda get used to this... In a weird way, it's kind of the perfect ending to a very busy year. I've taken the rest of the year off to recover and catch up with my family and now we're just celebrating life," she added.

We couldn't be happier for you BB!