jenelle-evans-court-230.jpgTeen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has filed five assault charges against husband Courtland Rogers, whom she married in December after just a few months of dating.

Evans went to the magistrate in North Carolina to file four charges of assault on a female and one charge of battery of an unborn child, according to E! News. Dustin R.T. Sullivan, Evans' attorney, said in a statement, "They are the highest level of misdemeanor you can get," noting that Evans was "physically assaulted over a period of time." Sullivan added, "He faces a maximum 150 days in jail per charge."

Evans also blasted Rogers on Twitter, and also hinted that she had a miscarriage. "I am getting a divorce, ASAP," she tweeted at Rogers earlier today. "You f*cking leave out of town and I might be having a miscarriage? F*ck you, you f*cking piece of sh*t." The previous day Evans was reportedly rushed to the hospital for a possible miscarriage, and according to Evans twitter, Rogers texted her at "6:30 a.m. telling me he went out of town and 'not to worry.' F*ck that."

Rogers denied the abuse allegations, telling Radar, "I did not hit my wife. This is not true at all," but a source close to the couple tells the site that Evans has bruises on her face to prove that the assault claims are true. After Evans' angry tweets, Rogers added on Twitter, "I think I just lost it all! I swear to God I am depressed as f*ck. I need my wife in my arms telling me everything is gonna be okay. She deserves somebody better! A guy with a job, a house, and the perseverance to be eanything [sic] they wanna be. I'm a piece of sh*t and I now know!"

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