Angelina Jolie made a United Nations visit to the Republic of Congo and Rwanda earlier this week to meet rape and sexual assault victims in the region, and she returned to Los Angeles on Wednesday.

But noticeably absent was her massive engagement ring from Brad Pitt, which she replaced with a simpler gold band. We highly doubt Angelina and Brad tied the knot, rather, she likely switched rings as not to be flaunting a 7 carat diamond worth an estimated $500,000 while visiting with refugees.

Yesterday the Oscar winner laid a wreath at the Rwanda memorial for the nearly 800,000 people killed in the 1992 genocide, and according to a statement from the UNHCR, the purpose of Jolie and Hague's visit was to "highlight the terrible human cost of war zone rape and to call for Governments worldwide to address this neglected and growing problem."

While Angie was sweet and smiley with our photographers, she simply laughed when asked if she was getting married this summer. Of course, when one videographed spoke up and asked if her gold ring was a wedding band, she replied, "No it's not." Check out the video below!