After missing one flight and deciding to get off another one just before takeoff in New York City yesterday, Lindsay Lohan got on a private plane this morning headed for Los Angeles, but she still wasn't able to make it to her trial on time -- she was 48 minutes late!

At first the jet was scheduled to land at Van Nuys airport at 8:11am, but it was then diverted to LAX, in hopes that it would give Lohan a better chance of getting to court on time, as the Airport Courthouse is just a few miles away. The flight didn't land until 8:35am, which was around the time that Lohan's attorney Mark Heller left the courthouse to go meet his client at the airport. (In case you were wondering, Mr. Pink energy drink paid $50,000 for the privately chartered flight.)

Earlier this month Lohan's attorney Mark Heller asked Judge James Dabney to dismiss her latest case, which is a probation violation stemming from Lohan lying to police about crashing her Porsche on the PCH last June. As expected, Judge Dabney denied the motion to dismiss, and he also made it clear that he didn't think Heller was qualified to represent Lohan. Dabner stated that he is "somewhat concerned" that Heller does not have proper guidance from local counsel, as Heller is not licensed to practice law in California and he does not he have experience with criminal cases.

Based on Lohan's tardiness, Judge Dabney could issue a bench warrant for her arrest ... it's definitely not looking good for Lilo! But she did crack a smile when someone tried to glitter bomb her on the way in:

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