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Lindsay Lohan isn't going to jail and her lying to the cops case isn't going to trial -- instead, she's going to do 90 days in a "locked rehab facility"!

Lohan was 48 minutes late to her trial at the Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles on Monday, but before Judge James Dabney had a chance to issue a bench warrant for her arrest or scold her for being tardy, her lawyer Mark Heller struck a plea deal.

Lindsay plead no contest to reckless driving and lying to police about crashing her Porsche on the PCH last June, and she's supposed to serve 5 days in jail for reckless driving, but that will be included in her 90 days in rehab.

The terms of Lohan's plea deal include the following:

  • She must serve 90 days at a locked rehab facility ... she is not allowed to leave even if she has a permission slip

  • She must perform 30 days of community labor

  • She must attended psychotherapy for 18 months

Lohan can do her rehab and community service in New York, and her 45-day date for proof of enrollment is May 2. Lohan must submit to booking and releasing at the Santa Monica Police Department within the next 7 days, but she doesn't need to be present at any compliance hearing dates as long as she is in compliance with the terms of her deal and probation.

Last month Heller appeared in court to work on a plea deal but no agreement was reached. The Santa Monica City Attorney was reportedly set to offer Lohan 60 days in a residential rehab facility, along with AA meetings and extra community service, but she wasn't interested in taking it so her trial was set to begin today. The latest plea offer was actually 90 days in jail, but she is allowed to do that time in rehab.

Maybe Lohan was scared that if the case actually went to trial she'd wind up behind bars? After all, the Los Angeles City Attorney was also involved (they were attached to Lohan's probation violation for her jewelry theft), and they made it clear that they wanted Lohan to do jail time. Of course, this probation violation stems from Lohan lying to police about crashing her Porsche on the PCH last June, and there was new evidence that she might have been drinking as well.

We know Lindsay isn't the biggest fan of rehab or community service, but it sure beats jail! Aside from re-hiring Shawn Holley, this is probably the best move she could have made...