lohanguitartwitpic460.jpg We know she knows how to party, but does she know how to play?!

Lindsay Lohan took to her Twitter account to show off this snapshot of herself holding a guitar, and presumably it's her new boyfriend Avi Snow's music maker!

The troubled actress is seen holding the instrument as she pretends to strum the strings backstage at her musician beau's concert with his band City of the Sun. In fact, the group's actual guitarist John Pita can be seen hanging around in the backdrop of the picture!

After the Anger Management guest star tweeted the selfie, the band replied, "John's accidental photobomb." It sounds like the whole gang is warming up to Lilo being their #1 groupie!

So how does her new man feel about his budding relationship with the rehabbed redhead?

"She's really awesome, and she's a lot of fun. I would definitely call her one of our biggest supporters," he recently dished to E! News.

He's going to need to be one of her biggest supporters when she checks into court-ordered rehab in May!