Carrie Underwood would like to set the record straight that she's not a sociopath!

The country superstar graces the June cover of Marie Claire and talks about how her upbringing shaped her hard exterior. The singer admitted that she's not very emotional.

"I'm not a mushy person at all," she told the mag. "We were never a huggy family. Or a 'let's talk it out' family. Technically I have siblings, but they are quite a bit older than me. I was the accident, so I have the only-child syndrome going on. I'm a little more selfish, a little more independent, a little closed. I do wish I were softer. I wish I were able to form relationships better. But hey, I mean, I'm not a sociopath."

Underwood, who's married to hockey player Mike Fisher, said her husband calls her "the queen of awkward moments." Underwood doesn't see any kids in their near future, but always knew she would wed "a hot guy." She wrote a series of goals in her high school yearbook and has accomplished all of them and then some.

"You were supposed to say what you would be doing in 10 years, and I said, 'I will be rich, famous, and married to a hot guy," she said. "I guess I should have added a few more things!" This includes portraying Maria von Trapp this holiday season in NBC's live version of The Sound of Music.

Unsentimental, awkward, and self-confident, huh? That's far from her shy country girl image, but it's something we can definitely get behind.