Kim Kardashian pregnant workout gym
Kim Kardashian pregnant workout gym

Even while pregnant, Kimmy K is trying to make sure she maintains her famous body!

Kim Kardashian headed to the Tracey Anderson studio this morning for her daily workout, and we can't believe the expectant reality star never takes a day off her fitness routine to rest!

Ever since announcing her pregnancy, the brunette beauty has received a lot of criticism and bullying about her weight, so maybe she's paranoid about shirking on her daily sweat session in fear that she might gain another pound or two!

One person who is offering Kanye's lady love some positive support is none other than British pop star Cheryl Cole!

"Just wanted to send you a tweet to say I think you are an incredibly beautiful woman inside and out. I can only imagine how tough it is to be heavily pregnant and feeling extremely vulnerable on top of some of the daily criticism you take! I admire your tenacity and send you my best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy #enjoyyourblessing," the Girls Aloud singer tweeted.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was quick to respond with nothing but gratitude!

"Your message really touched me! Thank you so much for the support & positivity! It's so important for women to feel confident & at peace during this amazing time! Your sweet tweet really made me smile!" the E! darling wrote.

We feel the same way as Cheryl, Miss K!