breakup trash pick up breakup trash pick up

That was quick!

On Sunday X17 photographers snapped these exclusive photos of Rob Pattinson leaving Kristen Stewart's Los Feliz pad, and not only was his red Chevy pick-up truck filled with clothes, bikes and suitcases, but he took the couple's dog too!

Rob and K. Stew got in a huge fight on his 27th birthday last weekend, and after that the two called it quits yet again. We're still not sure if it's for good, but a source tells Us Weekly that the drama started after Rob "blew off a birthday party planned in his honor by Stewart." The insider added, "All this stuff came up ... about the cheating, about how selfish she always is, about how moody she always is."

Rob stayed at K. Stew's home for less than an hour, and he then drove over to his pad, which is only a mile and a half away. We're wondering if he regrets buying a home so close to his adulterous lady vamp...