Robert Rodriguez's exploitation film Machete Kills stars everyone and their (hot) mom.

The movie trailer was released yesterday and features Sofia Vergara shooting bullets out of her heavy duty bra, Lady Gaga prancing around in fur with a gun hidden behind her back, and beauty queen Amber Heard kicking butt.

Jessica Alba and an eye patched Michelle Rodriguez return for the Machete squeal, while Charlie Sheen -- ahem, ahem Carlos Estevez -- plays the new gun-wielding U.S. president who saves Danny Trejo's character of Machete from being executed in order to kill Mel Gibson's missile-launching billionaire villain.

You can watch all the stars, as well as Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Vanessa Hudgens, get bloody on the big screen on September 13.

Make sure to watch the very end of the video to catch a hip-thrusting, midriff-flashing Sofia.