Robert Pattinson was spotted in Loz Feliz on Saturday with a mystery lady Riley Keough, and we're not sure what these two were up to, but isn't she supposed to be closer with Kristen? After all, the ladies both starred in The Runaways in 2010. Riley ended her engagement to Alex Pettyfer last year, and in May she was spotted with Jennifer Lawrence's ex Nicholas Hoult, so we're not really sure who she's dating these days ... as far as we can tell she's still single!

The duo drove around in the Twilight hunk's red Chevy pick-up truck with a new ping-pong table in the back, and they later returned to his pad.

Two weeks after Robsten's nasty split in early May, we caught Rob moving all of his stuff (and the former couple's two dogs) out of K. Stew's Los Feliz home.

But is Rob moving on with Riley?