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On Monday afternoon Khloe Kardashian kept a low profile after hitting the gym in Woodland Hills, and she didn't flash us a smile but we did notice that her wedding and engagement rings are back on! The couple have been living separately for weeks, but clearly she hasn't given up on their marriage just yet!

Last Friday, X17 photographers snapped Khloe wearing the exact same outfit, but she had removed both of her rings and was wearing a thick diamond encrusted band on her left ring ringer instead.

X17online reported exclusively, that Mom Kris Jenner was seen at the Beverly Hills home of the Kardashian family's attorney this morning, even though she was previously quoted as saying the couple were "absolutely not getting divorced." Since details of Lamar's alleged drug use have come to light, however, the momager may be thinking it's time to check into that pre-nup with a lawyer ...