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Wasting no time after her whirlwind trip to Las Vegas, Khloe Kardashian kept a cool facade on Thursday, when the 29-year-old refused to answer questions when asked about whether or not she would be divorcing her estranged husband, Lamar Odom.

On Thursday morning, Khloe, along with sister Kourtney, shot a segment for Keeping Up with the Kardashians at the their store on Melrose. In and out of Vegas in the blink of an eye, Kourt and Khloe were in Sin City to make a few appearances to promote their clothing line, Kardashian Kollection.

"5 hour trip to Sin City for kardashiankollection back to LaLa Land," Khloe tweeted on Wednesday.

Looks like Khloe is keeping upbeat (at least outwardly) despite some major marital woes, although there are definite signs of strife on social media. On Wednesday, the tallest Kardashian took a mini break from snapping selfies to post an Instagram picture of a masked woman with the mysterious quote, "She smiles to mask the pain in her heart. She laughs to conceal the tears in her eyes."

Yikes! We guess we know that behind those sultry selfies lies an unhappy camper ...