Lindsay Lohan is still funny!? Who knew?! With her recent abysmal acting pursuits in duds like Liz & Dick and The Canyons -- we weren't sure the Mean Girls still had it in her to be funny in any other way than to laugh at her, but it turns out that Lilo's still got i! The 27-year-old starlet showed off her comedy chops when she appeared in a sketch on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night.

In the sketch for a fictional Teen Nick show called "Ew!", the rehabbed redhead plays a bratty One Direction-loving teenager Stephanie and Jimmy plays an equally annoying, brace-faced teen Lindsay. Hijinx ensue when the gruesome twosome get going.

At one point, Jimmy says, "Did you see the new Miley Cyrus video? We should do some twerking."

Lindsay replies, "Ew! No. Twerking is so 2-0-1-3. Nowadays is all about scrumping!" And then both "girls" jump to their feet and gyrate proceed to the made up "scrumping" dance.

The pink-loving duo also play a game called "the EW! speed round" where they of hold up cards of random objects or just say words and the other just says, Ew!’, before Lindsay exclaims "cute!" at a picture of Dustin Hoffman.

Check out the hilarious vid to see Lilo in her full comedy glory. Even Jimmy can barely contain his laughter!