Robert Pattinson has a new workout buddy ... and then some!

Over the last week we've seen Rob and this spandex-blad mystery brunette going to the same workout spot, and not only do they do cardio together, but yesterday the duo left in Rob's car!

A photographer on the scene tells X17online exclusively:

    "Rob rarely hangs out with a girl he's not dating. He keeps to himself. So they fact they left in the car together definitely means something. Rob's all over the place right now — he's trying to replace Kristen and he's going out a lot of widening his circle of friends. He wants to find a girlfriend."

Though Rob laid low after splitting from Kristen Stewart and moving out of his Los Feliz pad, it looks like he's finally over their relationship. Either that or he wants to make K. Stew jealous -- this girl is definitely an upgrade!