Is the finger for Lamar Odom?

On Saturday night Khloe Kardashian and The Game hung out with several friends at Pinz bowling alley in Hollywood, and though the two made separate exits, the rapper was definitely quite enamored with Khloe during the course of the evening -- that's her in the black hoodie in the video below.

A photographer on the scene tells X17online exclusively:
    "Khloe and The Game were surrounded by pals, but they definitely treated it as more of a date! He couldn't take his eyes off of her and they were flirting and laughing all night long."

The Game is BFFs with Khloe's brother Rob, so we have to wonder if Khloe is flirting with him to make Lamar jealous or if she's actually into him. Kris Jenner wouldn't comment on the relationship over the weekend, but he doesn't have a raging drug problem, so we're willing to overlook the tattoo on his face if he's going to treat Khloe right...