Much like Miley and her penchant for her new tongue-tastic trademark -- Sinead O'Connor is not letting this story die! Miley Cyrus and the "Nothing Compares 2 U" singer have been at it for the past week, trading digs via social media, interviews and endless open letters but we thought the beef was in the cooler when the "Wrecking Ball" singer went on the Today show and seemed to put the issue aside when said she that despite everything said, she was a "big fan" of Sinead's and that the things were "all good." Well apparently Sinead doesn't seem to think so! The verbose singer penned yet ANOTHER open letter (we think this is the fourth one, but we may have lost count) to the 20-year-old.

In the letter, the 46-year-old puts blame on Miley for the social media attack that has resulted from her criticism of Miley.

Sinead writes:
    "As a result of what you did I have had numerous communications from people urging me to commit suicide. Not to mention I have been the subject of literally thousands of abusive articles and or comments left after articles, which state that I and therefore all perceived mentally ill people, should be bullied and be invalidated. Luckily I am a strong person. And I have four children whose lives would be destroyed if I were to buckle under the abuse you set me up for."

While we think urging someone to commit suicide is uncalled for and mental illness is a very serious issue and not to be mocked, we really do not believe that Miley "set [her] up for" it. Sinead is the one who began this battle and it has unfortunately turned out to be a social media war.

The Irish songstress has some valid points in all of her letters but the message gets lost in the constant stream of words. Hopefully Sinead can do what the much younger Miley seems to have done and just let it go -- that way we can all move on and talk about something other than Miley Cyrus and her tongue.

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