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Ashton Kutcher is about to be free to marry yet again! Despite a lengthy and seemingly bitter divorce proceedings, Ashton and estranged wife Demi Moore have reportedly finally agreed to a settlement. The May/December former duo have been in divorce negotiations for over two years but it is believed their divorce will be finalized by next week -- which means the Jobs star can finally ask his ladylove Mila Kunis to get hitched!

Shockingly, the former couple didn't get a prenup when they were married in September 2005, which is part of the reason there have been so many roadblocks in their path to officially being divorced. Despite being worth well over $100 million, Demi will reportedly get some of Ashton's multi-million dollar fortune, as well as some shares in his tech start ups.

The Striptease star cited "irreconcilable differences'"when she filed divorce papers in March and stated the official date of separation as November 17, 2011, which makes it just under two years that t

And while Ashton and Demi are still technically married, the whole world knows that the 35-year-old star has moved on with former That '70s Show costar Kunis, who have been dating over a year. Sources say that the twosome have been secretly engaged for awhile. Last month, Mila was snapped wearing a gold band on her ring finger while shopping in Studio City, which sparked rumors of their engagement.

Sources are reporting that Ashton has just been waiting for the divorce from Demi to be official before announcing his engagement to Mila. Hats off to the happy couple!