Two nights after being photographed leaving a Brazilian brothel, Justin Bieber invited about a dozen young ladies back to his rented mansion in Rio Sunday night after partying it up at Zax nightclub. After signing a confidentiality agreement and handing over their cell phones, the girls were treated to all sorts of junk food, including chicken nuggets and chocolate. Mmmm!

Marina Binimeliz was one of the fans who headed back to Bieber's pad, and she told the Daily Mirror, "There were lots of snacks spread on tables by the pool, on the verandah and in the lounge area. We ate peanuts, Doritos, crisps, chicken nuggets and slices of pineapple. Justin liked the Brazilian Misto Quente, which is toasted bread, egg, ham and cheese. There was lots of chocolate and Haribo sweets."

"We all had to sign contracts saying we wouldnĺt take any photographs and, if we did, we agreed not to publish them," the 18-year-old student explained. "I was only given my phone back when I left ... I tried to take a picture of the contract, but they whipped the phone out of my hand before I could do so."

Binimeliz says Bieber got up and danced to one of his own songs, jumped onto a wall (we think something might have gotten lost in translation and yelled, 'I'm the king of the world!'" Binimeliz added that she saw the 19-year-old pop star "stuffing himself with Toblerone," and while the place smelled like marijuana, she never saw Bieber smoking. Either way, it sounds like someone had a major case of the munchies!

Around 9am on Monday Bieber decided to call it a night, and be ordered the girls coffee and said goodbye. "He came to me, put his arm around my waist, squeezed me and kissed me on both cheeks. He wished me a good night and told me I was very cute. This was a fantastic, perfect moment for me," Binimeliz gushed.

Compared to spending the night with two prostitutes at a hotel and subsequently getting kicked out, this sounds like a pretty tame party! And regarding that, Bieber didn't comment on the incident, but last night he wrote, "Can't believe or dwell on the bs. Just gotta know your truth. U can't bring us down. And @DavidHasselhoff everyone loved BayWatch."

Then he posted a photo on Instagram of a tagged wall that read, "Do you know me?" and added:

    "Im crazy, yeah that's just what this game made me, I may need to replace these dumb faces and maybe I need to refrain from the people who won't let me remain me but I'm gonna still remain me" - me