Amanda Bynes Thousand Oaks sober recovery bynes-mom-smile-dog.jpg

Rehab does a body good, because not only did Amanda Bynes look great when X17 photographers snapped her photo today, but she appeared healthy and happy. Bynes pulled her short, dark hair in a ponytail and covered it under a baseball cap, and though her facial piercings have been removed, she still let her style shine through with a "Gangsta Love" sweatshirt and a chunky gold watch.

The 27-year-old actress stepped with her parents and her dog near the family's Thousand Oaks home, and earlier today she revealed that she left the Malibu facility where she has been receiving treatment for mental illness. "I am doing very well. I'm doing great, it's been five days since I got out of rehab," she told In Touch. Bynes was discharged and placed in the care and supervision of her mother, and she will stay with her family while still undergoing outpatient counseling.

After Bynes' bizarre behavior (not to mention several run-ins with the law) earlier this year, she was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold when she allegedly started a fire in July inside a gated community. In August her parents were granted a temporary conservatorship, and after spending a few weeks at Hillmont Psychiatric Center, Bynes was transferred to UCLA Medical Center. In September she continued her treatment at The Canyon in Malibu, and around that time it was reported that she had been diagnosed as schizophrenic and bipolar.

On Sunday Bynes went shopping at Forever 21, and a fellow shopper told the mag that the starlet spent about $100 and "was very polite and friendly." Amanda gave us a wave and a smile today, so it definitely looks like she's getting back on track!