I mean, from the tongue sticking out to the red lips and big blue eyes, who else could this possibly be?!

Over the weekend X17 photographers got a peek at the skateboarding ramp in the back yard of Justin Bieber's Calabasas pad, and it appears as though the 19-year-old pop singer had just painted a portrait of his gal pal.

We're not sure what Miley is going to think of this, but perhaps this is payback for her poking fun at the Biebs last month? As you may remember, a Brazilian woman named Tati Neves took a video Biebs and suggested that the two had slept together, and Miley filmed her own parody of the clip during her visit to Capital FM Breakfast in London earlier this fall.

But why didn't he leave room for Miley's hair? That would have been the best part!