Drag racing may have caused the crash that killed Paul Walker, reports CNN. Los Angeles County Sheriff Sergeant Richard Cohen said that investigators received a phone tip suggesting that another car was at the scene, and an X17 reporter who lives close to the area where the accident occurred says that the intersection where Walker died is a known drag racing area.

Walker and longtime pal Roger Rodas were riding in the actor's red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, and Rodas is believed to have been driving at the time. As far as a second vehicle being involved in the fatal wreck, Cohen said, "Naturally, from an investigative standpoint, we need to find out if that is one of the issues."

Clearly speed was a factor, but just how fast was Walker's car traveling at the time of the impact? More than double the posted speed limit, according to reports. The crash happened on Hercules Street near Constellation Road in the Rye Canyon Business Park, and the speed limit near Rye Canyon Loop is 45mph. “Though the investigation is in its early stages, investigators from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department believe the Porsche was going over 100 mph,” a source close to the investigation told Radar.

In other news, OMG! Insider has footage of the crash, but it's taken from so far away you can't even tell what happened or whether there was another car involved. However, one thing that is clear is how flames quickly engulfed the vehicle and burned out of control: