While Justin Bieber may have appeared to be the cock with the walk after his DUI arrest on Thursday morning, it turns out that when the cameras weren't flashing, the Biebs was seen "crying his eyes out" yesterday.

To the public eye, Bieber, who was smiling in his mug shots and even sat on a car waving to fans after being released. seemed to be making light of his arrest. But it appears appears that behind closed doors the singer's emotions over took him. A source is claiming that after the 19-year-old returned to the detention center following his courtroom appearance, he broke down sobbing.

But Bieber may actually have a ray of light in this murky DUI tunnel. Despite reports that Biber's blood alcohol level was .04, TMZ is now claiming that the "Boyfriend" singer's level was actually a .014. The legal limit for anyone 21 and over in Florida is .08, but the Sunshine State has a zero tolerance policy on underage drinkers. The new report that Bieber blew a .014 (anything .02 is considered a DUI for underage drinkers) instead of .04 -- does serious damage to the state's case against JB.

Despite Bieber's popstar status, the Mayor of Miami Beach, Philip Levine insists there would be no special treatment for the star.

"Obviously we don't tolerate DUI or anything like that, I would expect there to be no special treatment for anyone," said Levine.