Kanye West has reportedly settled with the 18-year-old man he beat up at a chiropractor's office earlier this month for a sum of more than $250,000, reports TMZ.

The District Attorney has not yet decided whether to charge the rapper with battery, but since the alleged victim has agreed to the civil settlement and won't be moving forward with a criminal prosecution, the chances of West actually getting charged with anything are pretty slim.

West allegedly attacked the young man at Hill Chiropractic in Beverly Hills, and after the incident, the teen was photographed heading to the hospital for reported head injuries. The victim attempted to chat with West's fiance Kim Kardashian by calling photographers the N-word, but when the reality star scolded him for his language, he turned on her and screamed, "F*ck you b*tch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid sl*t." An irate Kardashian then called West, who arrived on the scene shortly thereafter, ran into the chiropractor's office and punched the kid in the face.

Though West snuck out the back of the building before talking to police, it sounds like he gave them a statement at some point, because that hasn't been mentioned since they initially confirmed his involvement. Given that the victim allegedly hurled a series of racial insults at Kanye and Kim during the incident, his chances of winning over a jury were also pretty slim, so it sounds like this was a good deal for him.

West's lawyer Shawn Holley has yet to make a formal statement about the case, but TMZ reports that during negotiations the victim's settlement demands "soared to the upper 6 figures." However, West is also facing charges from another incident over the summer in which he assaulted a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport...